Interactive Mobile Messaging

Rich and Engaging Communications

Send Engaging Interactive Communications
Interactive Messaging Infographic
  • Create HTML5 forms with an easy drag and drop editor.
  • Send interactive messages using the power of SMS.
  • Utilise branded templates for engaging interactive campaigns.
  • Foster immediate interaction with your audience.
  • Track responses in real-time and optimise performance.
Smarter messaging to build meaningful connections
Go beyond the basic text message with a more interactive experience
Interactive Messaging Specs
  • Multi-channel Messaging Platform
  • HTML5 Forms
  • Immediate SMS Delivery
  • Rich Media
  • Different Form Options
  • Personalised Communications
  • Campaign Management
  • Real-Time Engagement Tracking
  • Advanced Message Analytics
  • Direct Collaboration and Feedback
How Can You Benefit from Interactive Messaging?


Build trust and show your customers that you value their opinion by sending timely and engaging opinion surveys.


Reward loyal customers and deepen engagement with relevant promotions that will interest them based on their feedback.


Provide users with the power to interactively schedule appointments directly from their mobile phones and send appointment reminders with the ability to reschedule if they need to.


Demonstrate your commitment to providing a positive environment for your workforce by deploying engaging opinion surveys to collect their feedback.


Use interactive HTML5 forms to verify the status and safety using a multi-channel approach. Ensure your workforce feel safe and supported.


Commit to 100% safety for your workforce. In the event of an incident, quickly raise an alert using interactive messaging and communicate meeting points using visual maps.

Interactive Messaging Features

Easy drag and drop editor

Branding and Personalisation


SMS Deliverability

HTML5 form engagement

Data integration

Web Analytics

Response Tracking

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